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RE: ALISME - Donation from the ING Collection in Drents Museum, Assen

RE: ALISME - Donation from the ING Collection

In 2010 ING donated a substantial collection of Dutch Figurative Art to Drents Museum in Assen. The newly acquired collection got it's permanet museum place as a result of successful cooperation of many years between the both organisations.

As a celebration of 40 years of ING Collection, Drents Museum in Assen will show around 60 artworks from this donation.

To seen are the works of Matthijs Röling, Barend Blankert, Henk Helmantel, Dick Pieters, Piet van den Boog among many others.

Specially for this occasion "De vier jaargetijden" of Matthijs Röling will be on the view.

Opens 16-09-2014 and runs to 04-01-2015

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