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ING Collection Masterpieces in "The Hidden Picture", Cobra Museum of Modern Art

ING Collection celebrates anniversary with masterpieces at the Cobra Museum

The coming months, the Cobra Museum is proud to present The Hidden Picture, an exhibition with masterpieces from the ING Collection.

"Art inspires", says Sanne ten Brink, "divides and binds, takes people out of their comfort zone and sparks both critical thought and dialogue. Such as between customers and staff.” Hence the central importance given to art at ING – a tradition which is still going strong after forty years. “We have never collected for the money”, says Ten Brink, “but rather always for love and admiration of the artwork and the artist.” Besides collecting, ING also supports young talent. For this exhibition, for instance, ING has invited three artists from art institute De Ateliers to produce new work. ING has been involved in this institute for more than ten years.

In the 1970s, ING (NMB back then) was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to start collecting art. The emphasis at that time was on figurative art, but thanks to various acquisitions in Belgium, Poland and the United Kingdom the collection has grown to 15,000 works of art representing a variety of movements and styles with the focus on contemporary art.

Het Cobra Museum and ING Art Management have made an exciting and extensive selection from the works in their international collections. More than 50 works show the new face of 40 years of collecting art, including Michelangelo Pistoletto, Ossip Zadkine, Iris van Dongen, Ad Dekker, Piet Mondriaan, Ossip Zadkine, Pyke Koch, Richard Deacon, Carel Willink, Cristian Boltanski, René Daniëls, Roni Horn, Jessica Diamond, Michael Raedecker, Piet van den Boog and many more.

The Hidden Picture presents 70 works of art from the international collection together for the very first time – from paintings, drawings and sculpture to photography and videos including masterpieces by artists the likes of Michelangelo Pistoletto, Carel Willink, Jaap Hillenius, Michael Raedecker and Christian Boltanski.

The Hidden Picture opens on 13 September 2014 at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen. The exhibition runs until 4 January 2015.

Further information can be found on the Cobra Museum's website.


In good company - Michael Raedecker's No Title (uit de serie 'Do you love me?', no. II), 1996 with Piet van den Boog's "Solid Vision",2007.

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